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A 10-year-old from Nigeria becomes a coding teacher

His school United Kingdom hired 10-year-old from Nigeria, with incredible knowledge in technology, as a coding teacher.

10-year-old Nigeria teacher
A 10-year-old from Nigeria becomes a coding teacher

In the field of technology owns a large number of high-paying positions and many career options. Sure, marginalized communities are excluded from these employment opportunities due to lack of resources and access.

A very intelligent young girl managed to overcome the difficulties, while she was recently hired at a school in United Kingdom, to teach codification to others schoolchildren.

Η Emmanuella Mayaki is a 10-year-old from Nigeria, who many call "whiz kid», Due to her knowledge in coding and programming. She recently closed her first job at Southfield Primary School of Coventry of England, as teacher in the coding club after school.

In accordance with Face 2 Face Africa, will be responsible for teaching other children her age about the basics of coding, including HTML and CSS. The school chose her for this position because of her exceptional ability and mind.

The 10-year-old teacher from Nigeria started learning technology at an early age 7 years, and two years later acquires diploma specializing in many programs software, As the Advanced PowerPointThe Desktop Publishing and Advanced Excel. He continues to learn more languages coding programs to expand her knowledge even further.

«There are about nine students in the club. "Hopefully the club will increase its membership in September." she said in an interview at Face 2 Face Africa.

A 10-year-old from Nigeria becomes a coding teacher

«Today, the Application of my Academy is already at Google Play store and I transmit my knowledge of coding and graphics. I remember, at the age of seven, I set a goal to become a professional web designer and analyst at the age of nine, and I did it, " said the 10-year-old.

«The first week, I was quite nervous because I had never taught a group of kids. Although what I experienced was wonderful, because I gained experience and enriched my skills. What I noticed was that not everyone understands how to do what I ask with their first effort and there are some who are in a hurry. "

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