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Business: Why is CCPA and GDPR compliance important?

With the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) coming into effect July 1, many businesses say they are not ready to deal with the conditions created by privacy regulations. data, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is due, among other things, to the lack of staff to make the necessary changes, the lack of budget and resources, and the lack of understanding of how these privacy laws work. However, businesses should consider the importance of the CCPA not so much in terms of confidentiality as in terms of cyber security. The CCPA and other data privacy regulations could be a catalyst to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve their overall image in cybersecurity.

Logan Kipp, its director SiteLock, said that even if small and medium-sized enterprises do not meet the CCPA compliance criteria, cybersecurity should be their priority. He added that cybercriminals usually target those who are less suspicious and prepared for such an attack, which makes well-prepared businesses a much more attractive target.


According to Kipp, to reduce the risk, the application establishing integrated security tools and establishing a standard operating procedure to repair vulnerabilities, as well as training employees for greater cyber awareness, will greatly help organizations ensure that their customers' personal information is secure.

Owners and decision makers in small and medium-sized enterprises usually consider that they are not at risk of cyber attacks, as they are too small to be a target. Of course this is not the case. On the contrary, in addition to targeted attacks, there are random attacks, in which hackers value both data from large companies and data from small and medium enterprises.

In addition, many comparisons are made between the CCPA and the GDPR, but the CCPA is slightly stronger than the GDPR when considering the benefits of cybersecurity. When third parties obtain data through another business, the CCPA requires them to provide explicit notice and the opportunity to opt out before reselling this personal information. Even companies that are small enough not to comply with the CCPA have been advised by Kipp to continue to comply with the regulation, as this will ensure that they are better prepared for any future violations data or incidents security. The CCPA is probably the first of many state-led privacy regulations, so similar regulations could be on the horizon for many. Small and medium-sized enterprises can now ensure that they are well prepared for any future regulations that may apply to them, as well as for future development.


The pandemic has made data privacy regulations such as the GDPR and the CCPA even more important, as businesses are forced, albeit temporarily, to switch from a traditional operating model to a E-commerce model. However, online businesses need to be protected and secured just like regular businesses. And that starts with cyber security prevention.

What needs to be emphasized is that cybersecurity does not have to be scary or expensive. Small things like not reusing passwords, applying multi-factor authentication (MFA), using VPN and employee training is a good and important assurance for large and small enterprises.

Finally, when it comes to data privacy, businesses must also take reasonable security measures to protect the personal data of their consumers. To ensure that they comply, small and medium-sized enterprises must be prepared to improve their privacy, as well as to update their policies. confidentiality their.


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