HomesecurityWA Health: detected a data leak in its pager service

WA Health: detected a data leak in its pager service

WA Health suspends paging service after discovering that some information had been exposed online courses in a website open to the public.

WA Health

In accordance with 9News, who first mentioned the leakage, both "sensitive" and "confidential" information exchanged between staff at various organizations was contained on the website.

The site that uploaded the information was created by a stranger user, as reported by 9News.

The information included communications between doctors regarding suspicious cases COVID-19 and "a child welfare officer concerned about a young person in a treatment unit."

The state health ministry said the leak was such information infringement, but said his own systems remained secure.

"The Ministry of Health has been notified of breaches of confidential data related to the use of a third-party paging service," he said.

"We immediately contacted the supplier and asked him to suspend the pager component of his service until the issue is resolved."

However the pager provider has stated “that services have not been violated. ”

"As a result of the breach, the Ministry also examined its own data systems, as well as those of the Health Support Services (HSS) - the common service center for WA Health."

"The Ministry and the HSS can confirm that there was no violation of health data sources. These systems remain secure. "

He stated that "patients' privacy is of the utmost importance for the Ministry of Health". "We are disappointed that the confidential information may have been made public."


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