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Home security Satellites: They can now update quickly for security reasons

Satellites: They can now update quickly for security reasons

Chameleon Constellation satellites may work together to process data with each other, instead of sending the data back to Earth and risking it.

If you have been using computers for more than a decade, you will remember how important it was when over-the-air updates replaced the need for software updates with installation from a CD-ROM or floppy disk. Not only did it make the process much faster, but it allowed developers to update the software to fix it. errors or add new features at no cost distribution of a natural product.

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This may seem like a transition which was done centuries ago for computers and mobile devices, but a similar problem still affects today's satellites. No, no one makes one information to the satellite via a floppy disk, but the process information satellite AI so far took months to achieve instead of the minutes most of us know with modern updates computers.

That may have changed thanks to a new partnership between the US Air Force and the company. artificial intelligence (AI) and space science Hypergiant Industries. They start an innovative constellation consisting of 24 to 36 satellites that can be updated in real time.

The ability to update space data in minutes, not months, is a huge step forward for satellites. It will facilitate the defense against the emerging ones threats for security at cyberspace, as well as updates could be quickly promoted in case a hacker makes a satellite useless through malware.

In our previous article we informed you in detail about the fact that satellites are the main targets of hackers since they work with systems based on the earth. Hackers are looking for security vulnerabilities in order to break into the satellite system. See more details here.


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