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Facebook: Removes Anti-mask group for misinformation of COVID-19

Facebook removed «Anti-mask»Group, named«Unmasking America!And over 9.600 members, due to misinformation about him COVID-19:.

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Facebook: Removes Anti-mask group for misinformation of COVID-19

We have seen Facebook many times as a source of misinformation and bad behavior. Fortunately, this is now a little impossible, with the suppression of one of them larger groups Anti-mask.

In accordance with The VergeThe team Facebook Anti-mask, «Unmasking America!Was removed due to dissemination misinformation on COVID-19. With over 9.600 members, the group opposed use of face mask, spread baseless stories and encouraged people to completely ignore medical professionals in the midst of deadly global pandemic.

«We have clear policies against the spread of harmful fake news about COVID-19 and we have abolished this group, while we are considering others,Said the Facebook representative, Dami OyefesoAt Mashable.

Facebook's Anti-mask team was removed following an investigation The Verge. If you search the platform of social network you will see that there are many other anti-mask groups that remain active, such as the "NO MAS (K)", With over 3.400 members, and"Anti-MaskersWith more than 1.700, according to Mashable.

Misinformation about use mask has manifested itself in both the internet and the real world, with defenders of the Anti-mask movement claiming that reduce oxygen levels and violate people's personal freedoms. Medical experts have repeatedly clashed with such arguments, trying to disprove them. However this dangerous and unfounded rhetoric continues to be reproduced.

Facebook: Removes Anti-mask group for misinformation of COVID-19

Despite the constant spread of Anti-mask misinformation on its platform, Facebook was not willing to remove the false content, unless there is a possibility that it will lead to "immediate bodily harm".

Ultimately, social media seems to recognize at least that encouraging people not to wear a mask can lead to bodily harm, and very quickly.

«Examples of misinformation we have remove include harmful claims, such as that bleach cures the virus and theories such as that social distance is not effective in preventing spread of pandemicWrote Facebook about the Anti-mask groups.

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