HomesecurityCoinbase: Prevent Twitter hackers from stealing another $ 280,000

Coinbase: Prevent Twitter hackers from stealing another $ 280,000

Η Coinbase says he succeeded to prevent them customers to send about $ 280.000 to hackers who violated Twitter accounts last week. Hacking the accounts of celebrities and big business (Bill Gates, Elon Musk etc), to make cryptocurrency fraud, caused great confusion worldwide.

The American exchange service Coinbase, which has more than 35 million users from 100 countries, put in blacklist bitcoin addresses used by the swindlers, within minutes of the start of the attack.

In this way, Coinbase blocked about 1.000 users to send 30,4 bitcoin in their wallets hackers of Twitter.

"We noticed within a minute the tweets of Gemini and Binance," said Philip Martin, chief executive. security of Coinbase.


Compared to the total number of users who use the service for purchase, sale and storage cryptocurrency"[I] was a small group of Coinbase users trying to send bitcoin to the Twitter hackers' address," Martin added.

Although these Bitcoin addresses were blacklisted almost immediately, 14 Coinbase users managed to transfer about $ 3.000 at the address controlled by them hackers of Twitter.

However, without Coinbase's quick response, the attackers would have had almost $ 400.000 in their hands, quadrupling their "profit" (they eventually managed to win $ 120.000).

Twitter said the hackers targeted 130 accounts, using credentials employees of the platform and acquiring access in tools which are only available to Twitter in-house support teams.

The Twitter accounts used in the scam belonged to large technology companies, like the Apple and Uber, as well as in strains, celebrities and politicians such as Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Joe Biden, Bill Gates etc. Accounts were also breached exchange services such as Gemini, Coinbase and Binance.

"In 45 of these accounts, the hackers "They reset their password, logged in to their accounts and sent Tweets," the company added. "We think they may have tried to sell some of the usernames."

In addition, it is said that hackers stole information from at least 8 Twitter accounts.

Twitter hackers

Following the detection of the attack, Twitter prevented the compromised accounts from tweeting and resetting the passwords. access.

Twitter continues to investigate the incident, while the case has been taken over by FBI and others law enforcement services.

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