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Skype: New desktop background images and background blur for iOS

Η Microsoft products brings the experience of Teams video calling to Skype for desktop and for iOS devices.

Microsoft has released version 8.62 on Skype, which brings Features by Microsoft Teams on video calls of the application.

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Skype for desktop now offers users a list of predefined images where they can choose as the default background. This feature is based on the existing feature for users where they can upload their own background image.

Microsoft introduced custom background features to Teams in June and has been offering the background blur effect for some time. However, while this effect can hide a cluttered room, Microsoft says that background effects do not guarantee the concealment of sensitive information by others in an online meeting.

As it turned out, Skype grid view has been improved for laptops and desktops. In cell phones, users can see up to nine other callers at a time, while on the desktop the view has been expanded from nine users to twelve.

In addition, Microsoft reports that it has improved message synchronization when certain conversations are not automatically updated.

Microsoft released a preview of Consumer Features for releases last month iOS and Android of the Teams platform. However, the company has not confirmed whether it intends to replace Skype with Teams.

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Microsoft also introduced the Skype background blur feature on iOS, allowing users to hide the actual background. The background blur effect is not available in the version for Android and nothing has been said yet by Microsoft about whether and when it will be compatible with Android users.

To turn on background blur or custom background in iOS, users can click the "More" menu and turn on "My Background Blur".

On desktops, you can select different backgrounds during a call or select one for all Skype video calls.

Microsoft last month also integrated Skype for Windows 10 with Skype applications for desktop. The company created the new application for Windows 10 on Electron, which is in the same version of Skype that is available on the official site of the application.


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