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Home security E-mobility offers new opportunities to hackers

E-mobility offers new opportunities to hackers

The rapid development of e-mobility, in addition to new ways of moving people, has also offered hackers new targets to explore.

Like any network engine, everything in the whole range of e-mobility - from charging points to electric vehicles and scooters - can have security vulnerabilities. As e-mobility is still considered a new industry, the level of investment in cybersecurity for each product varies depending on the manufacturer and supplier.


"E-mobility has big problems with cybersecurity," said Andy Barratt, CEO of Coalfire. "Some Companies, like the electronics company Rivian, have set up special safety units. "

Most vulnerabilities in modern vehicles are located around the battery management and the main digital interface. A USB malware could also attempt to control a specific area of ​​the car, with hackers then aiming to gain even more control by gaining access to its entire network. car.

For electronic cars, the threat is greater as they would be interconnected and also with networked road systems. "A nation state or a serious organized crime group could cause conflict vehicles at high speed. Attackers wishing to damage critical national infrastructure could force all traffic to try to pass through specific areas"creating heavy traffic jams," Vic Harkness told F-Secure Consulting, a security consultant.

The risks with e-mobility vehicles are increasing because security researchers at cyberspace they do not have as much experience in dealing with them. "The cybersecurity industry is quite mature in detecting and stopping threats on things like devices Windows, Macs and telephones AndroidSays Andrew Tsonchev, technology director at Darktrace, a cybersecurity team. "With electric cars, we can't say the same thing happens as there are many ways to break it."

Mr Tsonchev does not believe that scooters are as big a threat as they are equipped with connectivity only Bluetooth and not with Wi-Fi. However, he says they could be used indirectly to launch an attack on something more valuable - perhaps gaining access to the user's phone for extra data. An intruder could also ask for ransom to unlock a car or electronic scooter to which he has gained access.

"The most worrying scenario is for someone to drive such a device and fall victim to a hacking attack at that time - that is a real danger," said Tsonchev.

Several experts have called for the introduction of safety from design - the concept that safety is not a later thought but is part of the product from the beginning. "E-mobility is new technology and design safety is still in its infancy - but you will see that many of those in the autonomous vehicle industry are starting to develop teams security and take it seriously. " says Mark Adams, a former chief safety engineer at Lyft

There are also fears about privacy. Bicycle rental, for example, has real-time GPS location data and also requires users to log in with information such as SOCIAL MEDIA or credit card information. "This is an incredibly dangerous group data to get their hands on Criminals. "That's why the wider infrastructure that is being built around these smart devices is also very worrying about how it could be compromised."

There are many levels of security and many entry points for attackers on these vehicles, making it necessary for manufacturers to prioritize security and work together, Tsonchev said. "If a supplier discovers a vulnerability in one of its systems, there should be a framework in which these information they can be communicated to other suppliers, "said Ms Harkness.


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