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Google Live Transcribe: How it helps the deaf in the middle of COVID-19

The Google Live Transcribe helps the deaf after use mask for protection from COVID-19 prevents them from reading their lips.

Google Live Transcribe
Google Live Transcribe: How it helps the deaf in the middle of COVID-19

Η Communication For the deaf and hard of hearing people in an audio world, it can be a daunting challenge at times, but there are always great solutions that help bridge the communication gap. Because of pandemic everyone now wears a mask and this has made it quite difficult for those who communicate by reading the lips.

Ο Danny Hughes, a member of its paramedical staff South East Coast Ambulance Services in the United Kingdom, found that it could use the application Google Live Transcribe to keep them up to date patients for what he says.

Supporters of people with hearing loss have been pushing for the institutional absorption of similar applications for years, as well as for other measures. protection such as masks with transparent cover so that the lips and the expressions of the wearer can be distinguished.

«I have found that using this app, called Google Live Transcribe, and other voice-over transcription apps can be really, really helpful in communicating with these patients. If you found it useful, share it", Wrote Hughes.

On Friday, his rescuer United Kingdom, who was at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus, shared his inventive solution on Twitter to speak to patients who read their lips.

«Some of our patients and users rely on lip reading to communicate and using a mask makes it almost impossible, "He said in a video posted on Twitter.

Another Twitter user asked in a comment if the Google Live Transcribe service stores sensitive patient information which can be communicated during private conversations. Hughes informed that he and other members of the ambulance service are in the process of this evaluation.

He also stressed that SEACS is showing due diligence as to whether it can widely deploy Google Live Transcribe to its staff.

«We are in discussions with the head of services and the person in charge of protection data to see if this application or alternative is viable and secure for use by all our trusted staff. "

Google Live Transcribe: How it helps the deaf in the middle of COVID-19

Many users who commented approved the Google Live Transcribe solution, combined with the widespread adoption of transparent face masks. Hughes agreed that it is important to consider a wide variety of solutions for people who read lips, while face masks are still essential.

«I'm happy to share Google's idea of ​​Live Transcribe and the capabilities that this technology has to help these people communicate. "It's not a perfect solution, but everyone's communication needs are different, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't suit everyone," Hughes said in a follow-up tweet.


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