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Doomscrolling boosts stress: How to stop it

"Doomscrolling", or otherwise the consumption of sad and destructive news, enhances stress, and many times without you realizing it.

Doomscrolling boosts stress: How to stop it

Something so many people do every day: Lie down in bed, turn them off lights and grab your mobile phone to check Twitter or Facebook one more time.

You see that toxicity from his pandemic Mesures COVID-19 has increased, your children may not be able to return to school while economy is collapsing.

Still, you can browse non-stop, to endless news disaster and grief for hours, and sink into despair without realizing it.

This self-destructive behavior has become so common that a new word has entered our dictionary so that we can easily describe it: "doomscrolling».

The recent wave of catastrophic news related to corona, combined with security measures and confinement, fueled our tendency to read bad news. But this habit erodes our psyche health, according to experts.

Η Karen Ho, Quartz finance reporter, does tweets for doomscrolling every day for the last few months, and often accompanies them with an incentive to make people stop and look for healthier alternatives.

Ho first saw the term in a post on Twitter from October 2018, although the word may have come much earlier.

«His habit doomscrolling is an almost normalized behavior for many journalists, so as soon as I saw the term I thought: "Oh, this is the habit I have had for several years".", says.

If Ho's daily reminders on Twitter are not enough to break this habit, clinical psychologist Dr. Amelia Aldao warns that doomscrolling traps us in a "vicious cycle of negativity»That feeds our stress.

«The mind is programmed to look for threats. The more time we spend scrolling, the more risks we find, the more it absorbs us, the more anxious we become. "

This sad content can then put a dark filter in your eyes on how you see him people, Aldao reported.

«You look around, and everything looks bleak, everything makes you worried, and you come back to look for more information.»

Η Aldao, Its Director Together CBT, a clinic specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, has worked with its patients to reduce doomscrolling.

Here are some of her tips on how to reduce this destructive habit:

Set a timer

«I mostly work with clients who have stress and part of what I do with them for weeks, or months, actually sets limits on the time they have to scroll. And I literally tell them, "Set a timer."

You want to know what is going on in the world, so the solution is not to not reconnect to the internet, but to set limits and not succumb to doomscrolling.

Stay informed

«Turn on your phone and remind yourself why you are doing it, what you are looking for, what information you are trying to find. And then, do a regular check yourself, asking yourself if you have found what you were looking for. "

Doomscrolling boosts stress: How to stop it

Replace "vicious circles" with "positive circles"

"Whether it's ice cream, hanging out with friends, sending a funny message to a friend, these are the things we need to spend more time building in order to build positive emotions in our lives."

Combine Aldao tips, create a schedule, find more productive habits, and doomscrolling will slowly «break».


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