HomesecurityUber: Drivers require access to their data

Uber: Drivers require access to their data

Uber is facing a new complaint filed by drivers who demand to see the computational algorithms and data collection practices that shape their corporate profile.

The legal request, filed Monday in Amsterdam, is submitted by his drivers United Kingdom with the support of the International Alliance of Application-Based Transport Workers (IAATW), Exchange Worker Info and the Association of Drivers and Couriers (ADCU), including Uber and Deliveroo.


Led by lawyer Anton Ekker, the complaint alleges that Uber failed to "provide data access and [an] explanation of algorithmic management as required" by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition, the unions claim that Uber maintains "secret driver profiles" that include job-based performance rankings such as late arrivals and cancellation rates and behavioral issues.

"This contrasts with Uber's insistence on many legal challenges for incorrect registration in many countries around the world that drivers are self-employed and not subject to management control", The complaint states.

The unions intend to argue that the service does not provide employees with their data, and the non- access in their profiles and in algorithms used to identify their work, this could allow discrimination or unfair practices.

To resolve this issue, the complainants seek to establish a ‘data trust’ in which information collected by Uber on drivers will be made available to the unions for the purposes of "collective action [and / or negotiation".

The Amsterdam District Court will also be fined 10.000 Uber for each day that the company allegedly does not comply with them laws on data protection.

A CrowdJustice campaign has been launched to fund legal action and UK and EU drivers Uber and Uber Eats are invited to take part in the case. During a campaign video that describes its base complaint, Yaseen Aslam, President of IAATW, commented:

"Uber says we're our own boss, but the app does it all for us. We have rights to our data and we have the right to know how we are handled by Uber machines. ”

"Our privacy team is working hard for provision "any required personal data that individuals are entitled to," an Uber spokesman told The Guardian. "We will give explanations for the circumstances which we can not provide some data, such as when they do not exist or when we reveal that it would violate the rights of another person under the GDPR. "

In 2018, Uber was fined $ 1,2 million by the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the Office of the United Kingdom Information Commissioner (ICO) for failing to protect their data. consumers during a 2016 breach.

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