HomesecurityGedmatch: investigates how authorities obtained user DNA data

Gedmatch: investigates how authorities obtained user DNA data

The analysis site DNA, Gedmatch, went down on Sunday while its parent company company is being investigated on how the authorities obtained the DNA data of its users.


Authorities used the site to capture the infamous Golden State Killer.

The site allows users to upload their DNA data and compare it to others to find their family tree and ancestors. In 2018, his reputation skyrocketed when authorities used the website to compare the DNA of a suspected serial killer with the files in platform, but without mentioning it to the company.

Gedmatch has released one warning σχετικά με την safety user data and changed the settings so that users be able to choose whether they want their information to be included in police investigations.

However, users reported on Sunday that these settings had been changed without their permission and that their DNA profiles had been made available to law enforcement.

Although users described it as a data leak, the company did not specify whether it was due to an error or infringement security.


As he said Brett williams, CEO of Verogen, which acquired Gedmatch in 2019: "We have resolved this issue. However, as a precaution, we removed the site while investigating the real cause of the error. "Once we understand the reason, we will issue a more formal statement," he said.

Websites that offer information about users' ancestors and family trees have become very popular in recent years. However, the authorities have been pushing more and more lately to gain access to genetic data, in order to identify suspects from the DNA they find in places where crimes have been committed.

Gedmatch did not say how often law enforcement officials request access to data the company's. However other platforms, such as revealed that it had rejected a police warrant, indicating that authorities were still using DNA and analysis sites for information.

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