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Use the OnePlus 8 Pro “See Through” camera via ADB

One of its most interesting features OnePlus 8 Pro is a color filter lens that OnePlus said could turn "ordinary scenes into a surreal landscape."


However this unique feature, sparked reactions when users discovered that the camera filter combined with the function Photochromatic, allowed them to see through plastic objects and delicate clothes. OnePlus turned off access to Photochromatic, but restored it to the update Oxygen OS 10.5.10.

But as many users have stated, the mode no longer behaves like it used to, as the Photochromatic filter now needs more light to take good photos.

Fortunately, there is still a way to reset the OnePlus 8 Pro color filter camera function. As revealed by an XDA member, He discovered that you can access through the ADB application and the factory mode.

How to get OnePlus 8 Pro See Through again

To reset the color filter camera to OnePlus 8 Pro you will first need to open the Factory Mode application via ADB. Then follow these steps:

  • Turn it on USB debugging on your device.
  • Connect your device to a computer and turn it on command line.
  • Enter “adb devices”And press enter to see if your device is recognized (You will need ADB tools installed on your computer).
  • Enter “adb shell”And press enter. Then enter, “am start -n com.oneplus.factorymode / .camera.manualtest.CameraManualTest”And press again enter. This will start the Factory mode on OnePlus 8 Pro.
  • Click on the camera toggle icon in the lower right corner and select the 4th camera filter.

Now you can use the camera filter function again, as originally released by OnePlus.


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