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PopCon: Removed from future Ubuntu releases

PopCon: Removed from future Ubuntu releases

Recently, Hudson Doyle, technical Canonical software, announced that its next releases ubuntu will not contain the 'Popularity Contest' (PopCon) package. According to him, the company decided to remove the package due to its broken backend piece.

What is the Ubuntu Popularity Contest (PopCon)?

Before mentioning the reasons why Canonical remove the package, it is important to know, that PopCon is pre-installed from Ubuntu 6.10 onwards. The main purpose of the package is to collect various operating system information.

However, although it is installed on the system, the package is disabled. This means that PopCon cannot generate reports for ubuntu if users have not activated it. If users choose to enable it, the package will start sending automated reports to ubuntu.

Having these data, the Canonical presents the following information about operating system packages:

  • How many of the users have installed the packages.
  • How many users use the packages often.
  • How many users have installed the packages but do not use them often.
  • How many renew and update these packages.

After collecting the data, Canonical presents the results here.

Having this information, the team development of the operating system decides which packages will continue to exist in the next releases of Ubuntu. However, because PopCon is broken and no longer working properly, the development team decided to remove it from the new system releases.

In case you want to delete the package from system You can do this by typing the following command:

sudo apt remove popularity-contest

It is important to know, however, that during deletion of the package, you can delete other packages, which are necessary for good mode of your system. For the same reason, we recommend that you do not uninstall the package unless it bothers you.


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