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Mac: How to organize your desktop

If you are tired of seeing the same messy desktop at Poppy It's probably time to put things in order. The good news is that MacOS provides many choices customization to help you organize them easily.

mac desktop
Mac: How to organize your desktop

Organization using stacks

If your Mac desktop looks like this, the first thing you need to do is turn it on mode Stacks, first introduced in macOS Mojave.

To do this, go to a blank space on your desktop, right-click, and select «Use Stacks»

Immediately, macOS will organize and group all the like archives. You will find different stacks for images, documents and whatever else you have.

The next thing you need to do is change the default one location storage for screenshots. If you use your Mac regularly, your desktop may be full of screenshots. Changing the default storage destination to a different folder is very simple and works wonders.

Customize icons

Now that you have Stacks enabled and in control of your screenshot storage, it's time to move on to more interesting things like personalizing your Mac icons.

To get started, right-click again on an empty space on your desktop and select the «Show View Options».

So they will appear in screen all options for customizing desktop icons.

By selecting "Stack By», You can group the stacks by type, date last opening, date of addition, date of modification, date of creation and based on the labels.

Mac: How to organize your desktop

If you click on the menu next to "Short By», You can sort all icons by name, genre, last opening date, date added, modification date, creation date, size and by tags.

By sliding under the option "Icon Size»Increase and decrease the icon size on the Mac desktop.

Mac: How to organize your desktop

Then you can give them a little more space by increasing the "Grid Spacing».

From the selection «Text Size»You can increase the text size of the label. You can move between 10 and 16 points.

If you want to see information about files and folders, such as how many files are in a folder or the available space in one hard drive, we recommend that you enable the option «Show Item Info».

Finally, if you do not want to see the file previews as an icon, you can deselect "Show Icon Preview».

When you're done with changes and reconfigurations, scroll back to your Mac desktop to see what you've done.


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