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The Greek Navy was hacked by Iranian hackers [EXCLUSIVE]

The Greek Navy has been hacked by Iranian hackers Researchers security IBM recently discovered leaked videos online, with hackers showing the techniques they use to hack accounts and systems their potential victims.

Inside video leaked, top Iranian hackers analyze the attacks they carried out, as a result of which they violated the accounts of people of various specialties and from different countries. The accounts that were violated by Iranian government hackers include members of the Greek Navy.

Iranian hackers-members of the Greek Navy
The Greek Navy was hacked by Iranian hackers [EXCLUSIVE]

More generally, in attacks by Iranian hackers, email accounts were the primary target, with accounts SOCIAL MEDIA have also been largely violated.
The researchers said that Iranian hackers follow a meticulous and well-thought-out process, with operators having access to every account of a targeted victim, no matter how important his or her online profile was.

In the accounts they acquired access, including, among others, accounts held by victims - targets for music - video streaming, delivery, credit reporting, banks, video games and mobile phone companies.

The Greek Navy hacking Iranian hackers
The Greek Navy has been hacked by Iranian hackers

Iranian hackers entered the settings section of each target account and searched for personal information that may not be included in other online accounts, in an effort to create the most comprehensive and representative profile possible for each target. IBM does not, however, provide further details on how the hackers obtained them credentials for each victim. Therefore, it is not clear whether they infected the targets with malware or whether they bought their credentials from an "underground" market.

In some of the leaked videos, Iranian hackers analyze techniques they have used to steal data from their targets. This includes extracting all contacts of the target account, photos and documents from related services in cloud storage such as Google Drive.

IBM researchers point out that in some cases, operators also had access to Google Takeout to extract information, such as its full content Google Account goals, including location history, information from Chrome, and connected Android devices.

Greek Navy hacking Iranian hackers [EXCLUSIVE]
The Greek Navy has been hacked by Iranian hackers

Operators then added the victims' email credentials to one Zimbra instance (known mail server software) operated by the Iranian team, which would allow hackers to remotely monitor multiple accounts from one backend panel. Other videos also show the operators creating puppet email accounts, which IBM researchers believe hackers are very likely to use for future attacks.

The videos also describe failed attempts to access target accounts, such as the accounts of Foreign Ministry officials. USA. The videos in which the account breach attacks failed, mainly concern accounts that use two-factor authentication (2FA).

The Greek Navy hacking Iranian hackers [EXCLUSIVE]
The Greek Navy was hacked by Iranian hackers [EXCLUSIVE]

The Iranian hackers who seem to be hiding behind these videos are members of the group ITG18, more commonly known as Charming Kitten, Phosphorous or APT35. The group has targeted, among others, US military regulators and US nuclear scientists. This is due to the fact that these sectors have attracted Iran's interest due to the growing military tensions between the two countries, the economic sanctions imposed on Iran, as well as Iran's nuclear program.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In addition, it is unclear whether the attack was aimed at extracting personal data or sensitive information of operational importance to Iranian government hackers.

The news that members of the Greek Navy were among the targets has caused a great deal of concern to the Greek Armed Forces. AWe are waiting for the reaction / announcement of the Ministry of Defense, regarding what was leaked from foreign pages for the targeting of members of the Greek armed forces by Iranian hackers.

Stay tuned.


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