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How to recover from a data breach

In our time, online attacks and data leaks are among the most common risks for businesses. That is why it is of the utmost importance that they take all appropriate measures to prevent such a possibility.


In accordance with GDPR, in cases of data breach, the organizations are required to report the incident within 72 hours of discovering it and present a recovery plan.

Time may seem limited, but there are some steps that organizations can take to avoid sanctions.

1. Limit the violation

When an organization discovers that a data breach has occurred, it must first try to identify how the incident occurred so that its security team can take appropriate action to protect the data. systems from further damage.

2. Assess the risks

Once the infringement and reduce the risk, the next step is to assess the damage to the systems. For example, the organization should check what kind of data was leaked or how sensitive this data is, what is the number of people affected, etc.

3. Inform those affected and regulators

In accordance with GDPR, data breaches should only be reported if they "pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals". This generally refers to the possibility that some users may experience financial or social harm, defamation or financial loss due to a breach.

4. Prepare for the future

Once an organization faces its crisis leakage, should take appropriate measures to prevent such a possibility in the future. He can use the information he gathered from the violation to know what to do in such cases. It is also a good idea to invest in new and more advanced technologies to protect your systems, to review its policies and to provide better security training for its employees.


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