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Google: Free Kotlin courses for Android development

Google has released Android Basics for Kotlin, a program for beginners that teaches them how to build Android applications.

Kotlin has become one of the fastest growing languages ​​on GitHub, thanks in part to Google for prioritizing Kotlin for Android development. Now, with 70% of the top 1.000 Android apps written in Kotlin, Google wants more beginners to learn the modern programming language.

“The course teaches Kotlin, a modern programming language that programmers love because of its conciseness and way with which it increases the productivitySaid Kat Kuan, a supporter of the Android team.

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"Learning code for the first time can be scary, but it is possible to learn without having a technical background."

"The goal is to show you the tools and resources used by professional Android developers. "With practice, you learn the basic principles of programming," Kuan added.

The Kotlin Android Basics course provides students with step-by-step instructions on how to use Google's Android Studio IDE and tips about its operation on an Android device.

Kuan promises that by the end of the lesson, the schoolchildren will have completed a collection of Android applications.

Students must answer a quiz at the end of each "route" within a lesson and will then receive a badge if they successfully complete the quiz.

Although the course does not require development experience, students are expected to have basic computer skills and basic math skills.

Only Unit 1 of the 5-unit course is currently available. Section 1 consists of 20 activities in four "routes", including creation of your first Android app and how add one button in an application.

This course is based on the program studies of Android Basics, which is also aimed at beginners, but was released in 2016, before Google supported Kotlin for Android.

Other free Kotlin courses offered by Google are Kotlin Bootcamp for developers, Android Kotlin Fundamentals and Advanced Android in Kotlin.

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