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How to see the moon with five planets this Sunday!

On Sunday, July 19, about 45 minutes before sunrise, you will be able to see five of the planets with the moon without using a telescope. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the moon will all be visible.

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How to see the moon with five planets this Sunday!

Ο Jeffrey Hunt, an astronomy educator and former planetarium director, wrote about the event in a post on his website, "When the Curves Line Up", And talked about how we can take a look at the planets and the moon on Sunday.

«In your eyes, it will not be as we are used to them photos aircraft, they will look more like incredibly bright stars.»

Maybe you have more trouble with him detection of Hermes. Hunt advises you to try to see him about 45 minutes before sunrise, using binoculars.

«To see the planets and the moon, go out early Sunday morning, at least one hour before sunrise. Find the four bright planets Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. They look like overly bright stars. The glamorous Aphrodite is found low, to the east-northeast. Mars is the only "star" in the southeast, while Jupiter and Saturn are in the southwest.»

On his website, Hunt gives tips to find more easily each planet. Venus "will set fire to the east sky"He says.

The thin crescent moon will be very low, in the east-northeast part of the sky and will be illuminated only about 1%. Mercury will be to the right of the moon, Mars will be about high in the middle of the sky to the south-southeast, Jupiter will be just above the horizon to the southwest and Saturn will be to the left of Jupiter.

Novice observers may want some technological help to see the planets in the meeting with the moon on Sunday. According to Hunt, "the Google Sky, Night Sky and Star Walk are applications that can help locate the planets in the sky. "

How to see the moon with five planets this Sunday!

The spectacle will be visible in both the northern and southern hemispheres. On the south side of the equator, he says, Mars is to the northwest and not to the southeast.

If you miss the show on Sunday morning, you will be able to see them for a few extra mornings after July 19, but you will not see the moon accompanying them.

«In the next few mornings, look for the planets 3 to 4 minutes earlier each day. They will be visible until about July 25.»

If you miss the meeting of the five planets with the moon, you will have to wait a while until you have the chance again, since the next meeting is at the end of July 2022, said Hunt.


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