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T-Mobile: Launches free protection against scam calls and messages

T-Mobile today announced the launch of its new Scam Shield service on July 24, a service that will offer T-Mobile, Metro and Sprint customers free Scam ID, Scam Block and Caller ID anti-scam protection.

T-Mobile says it was able to detect or block about 12 billion fraudulent calls in 2019 alone, and that some 30 million Americans have fallen victim to at least one phone fraud in the past 12 months.


Phone fraud calls were blocked before they reached the phone

Scam Shield service is designed to protect customers from robotic calls and scams by detecting and blocking calls from potential scammers using Scam ID, while Scam Block will block suspicious calls so they never reach the goal their.

Caller ID lets customers see exactly who is calling them even if the caller is not in their contact list. The customers They can also tag numbers as Favorites to easily find their favorites.

T-Mobile customers (with Magenta and Essentials programs) will also be able to receive a toll-free PROXY phone number that can be used when they want to keep their main (personal) phone number private.

Scam Shield also allows customers to change their phone number every year for free, for whatever reason, if they want to get it out. number them from list of spammer.

How to enable Scam Block

Customers can allow Scam Block to automatically block robots calls and multiple scams:

  1. Typing # 662 # from the T-Mobile device
  2. After connecting to My T-Mobile or the T-Mobile application, where they will see the option to activate Scam Block
  3. Activating the Scam Block for DIGITS Numbers and Calling 611 from a T-Mobile Device to Talk to a Cell Phone Specialist
  4. By downloading the free Scam Shield application from 24/7 and switching to Scam Block

T-Mobile also offers a Scam Shield Premium program ($ 4 / month per line) that will allow users to:

  • Manage their block list and send calls to voicemail.
  • Send categorized call types to voicemail.
  • Receive information by reverse phone number lookup.
  • Receive voicemails automatically.

Message scam protection

T-Mobile provides users with free protection against spam and fraudulent messages (including SMS, MMS and RCS) since 2014.

The company regularly updates its database with spam message data and automatically checks the messages using this anti-spam solution. spam, blocking unwanted text messages and delivering those that go through test.

Customers can also forward scam or spam to the T-Mobile Security Center for analysis by sending them to 7726. According to the company, messages and customer details are encrypted to protect their identity.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a mandate in May saying it would no longer issue warnings to the so-called "robocallers" before imposing a fine on them for breaking the law and harassing consumers.


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