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Home Reviews PinePhone: New Linux SmartPhone with postmarketOS operating system

PinePhone: New Linux SmartPhone with postmarketOS operating system

PinePhone: New Linux SmartPhone with postmarketOS operating system

Recently, the company PINE64 announced the next Community Edition PinePhone, which will come pre-installed with postmarketOS. A little later, the company announced that the device is available for pre-order, and users will be able to pick it up at the end of August.

One of the most important features of the new PinePhone is the ability to get it with the 'Convergence Package'. This will give your device more content possibilities, as well as better technical features.

Speaking of the features of the device, we must mention that the regular version is no different from the PinePhone BraveHeart. The RAM of the device is 2GB, while the storage space is limited to 16GB flash storage.

However, if they choose to get the PinePhone with 'convergence package', users get extra RAM (3GB instead of the classic 2GB), more storage (32GB instead of 16GB), and a very useful USB-C dock.

Using this dock, users can charge the device, as well as connect peripherals such as keyboard, mouse and external monitor. In addition, the dock contains HDMI and Ethernet ports, which allow you to use your PinePhone like a regular computer.

Of course, not all of these features are free. Classically, the regular version of the PinePhone costs $ 149. However, to use all the other features, users will have to pay an additional $ 50. Thus, the final price of the 'convergence' version is $ 199.

PinePhone postmarketOS preorder:

Before proceeding with the purchase /pre-order of the device, it is important to know, that the product is not ready for everyday use. According to company, the development of Pinephone, as well as that of postmarketOS, has not been completed. Therefore, the new devices are not suitable for ordinary users.

Although the device already supports processes such as calls, SMS, LTE and GPS, it is not ready to completely replace an android /IOS mobile. However, if you are a Linux enthusiast, then PinePhone is the perfect choice for you.


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