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Inflatable pools are the must-have of summer

The necessary accessory of summer are the inflatable pools, and it's not just for kids, which to be honest it never really was.

inflatable pools
Inflatable pools are the must-have of summer

If you do not have access In a regular pool, you can quickly inflate and pretend to be somewhere else, like a nice vacation spot you've always wanted to go to. We know you will just be in your backyard, balcony or street, but we will let you dream that you are having a magical vacation. Prepare a fruity cocktail, close your eyes and you can be transported almost anywhere.

The inflatable pools are extremely easy to installation, especially compared to pools that are installed above the floor. All you need is a pump or strong lungs. Swimming pools usually inflate within minutes and then you can use a garden hose or any water source at your disposal to fill them. This point will take you a little longer.

By nature, they are not the most durable things at people, although some are made with stronger and thicker material from others. To prevent your pool from deteriorating quickly, do not place it on sharp or rough surfaces. Place a rug under it, or a cloth, so that it does not wear out. Some have inflatable pools equipment repair to correct holes and slits.

The good thing is that you do not need to put special chemically like chlorine, it is better to just change the water and put it fresh every two days.

Because inflatable pools are more for children, they are not going to be huge, at least not so big that an adult can swim. So be careful not to fall into fraud, especially if the vendor is smart and knows how to use photoshop.

Inflatable pools are the must-have of summer

When choosing your pool, pay close attention to the size, durability and ease of installation, and just as important is the drain valve, so that you do not have to bother with emptying.

You can also take a look at websites like Amazon to get ideas, and when you decide the type of pool you want, you can buy it from Greek stores or shops in your neighborhood.


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