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Gmail: Google combines Chat, Meet and the new Rooms feature!

The gmail upgrades to make your professional life much easier, since the Google revealed that it will bring many new ones possibilities.

Gmail: Google combines Chat, Meet and the new Rooms feature!

In addition to its new features G Suite, will support faster and easier access in different tools.

Google hopes redesigned Gmail will also be an important hub for collaboration and discussion, thanks to a new mode called "Rooms». Rooms will essentially be chat rooms with a specific theme, similar to Channels of the application Slack. Gmail rooms will be a place where colleagues can share tasks and calendar invitations, and at the same time discuss work in real time.

Google Meet, the special application for teleconferences, was added to the email platform in April this year and will continue to be there. Of course it will be available a new picture-in-picture mode option, without having to exit the application.

The Google Docs are also integrated into Rooms and you will be able to open a complete document in a window right next to an ongoing conversation. This feature aims to simplify editing and facilitate real-time collaboration, without having to sign out of Gmail every time.

You will also be able to share files and assign tasks directly from the email platform, which makes it single productivity store.

Feature integration is not limited to Google G Suite applications. Third-party applications such as DocuSign, Salesforce and Trello will also be available on the upgraded email platform.

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Gmail: Google combines Chat, Meet and the new Rooms feature!

The company will also develop new security features for Chat and Meet, so that users can better control who participates in the calls. Unwanted intruders can be blocked and if they try to reconnect to the call they will be blocked.

Google also said it would be released in the coming weeks campaign protection updates Phishing.

Gmail rebuild is currently being tested by select companies, but will soon be available to all G Suite users. It remains to be seen whether these changes will be available to other users, but Google has confirmed that security updates of Chat and Meet will apply to everyone.

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