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Did Outlook crash? How to fix the error

It was a classic breakfast - July 15, 2020 - for many Windows users. They turned on their computers - some of them may have noticed they received an Outlook program update overnight - and then tried to open their email in Outlook… And suddenly their day was ruined.


Many professional users Office 365 found that the Outlook email service stopped working right after it started. Hours later, Microsoft admitted to Twitter that there really is a problem.

We are investigating whether a recently implemented update could be the source of this issue. As a solution, users can use Outlook on the web or mobile app. Additional details can be found in the management center under EX218604 and OL218603.

Later, the Microsoft posted on Twitter that "a solution to this issue will be released and we expect the mitigation to reach all customers in the next few hours."

The failure appears to have been the result of an Outlook update last night. The update was intended to give Outlook, in all its different versions, the same possibilities but obviously failed.

According to the suggestions in the Reddit Sysadmin forum, you can fix the problem on local computers by returning to the monthly circulation of 20470. Do this with the following steps:

Go to the administrator command prompt and type:

cd “\ Program Files \ Common Files \ microsoft shared \ ClickToRun”

Then run the following as an administrator,

officec2rclient.exe / update user updatetoversion = 16.0.12827.20470

No known Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) patch has been released at this time.

This is a quick temporary solution that is better than nothing. Once Microsoft fixes the problem, which is expected to happen in the short term, it will logically be recommended to restore it. information through official information code.

If you use Outlook as a service, try using it as recommended by Microsoft web interface Outlook or the mobile app.


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