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PinePhone: Linux-based mobile is now available!

Last month, the PINE64, announced that the next CE its version PinePhone will have one complete software based on Linux, postmarketOS.

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PinePhone: Linux-based mobile is now available!

PINE64 is the company behind them smartphone PinePhone and has now started accepting pre-orders for the new postmarketOS (CE) mobile.

What seems very interesting about the new model is the presentation of "Convergence Package». For those of you who are wondering, along with the normal version, you can also pre-order another variation of the new CE model that comes with the Convergence Package.

The basic version of the smartphone with linux-based software postmarketOS, has almost the same specifications as the previous models Braveheart and PinePhone CE with Ubuntu TouchAnd μνήμη capacity 2GB RAM and 16GB flash storage.

Note that this is the first time that the PINE64 smartphone comes with a Convergence Package that brings additional features and functions. New features include a upgraded RAM, which will now be at 3GB instead of 2GB, eMMC (embedded MMC) at 32GB instead of 16GB and a compatible USB-C However,.

You can use it USB Type-C dock for charging, exporting digital videos and connecting to external peripherals such as screen, mouse or keyboard. As you can see, with USB-C power, HDMI, ethernet and both USB ports, you can turn your Linux PinePhone into a desktop computer.

Of course, you will have to spend an extra amount, about $50 for the above features and package. As usual, there will be price fluctuations for both models, with price of the basic version to be $149, while the Convergence Package version will cost $199.

PinePhone: Linux-based mobile is now available!

Note that the new smartphone is not yet fully equipped for everyday use. So much for it hardware as well as Linux-based software is still under development.

It is recommended to buy it only if you are a fan of Linux and want to try, experiment and contribute to the PINE64 project. Although PinePhone supports basic features like calls, SMS, LTE and GPS, you can not use it to replace your current iPhone or Android phone.

Those who are sure that they want the new PinePhone, can go to the online store of PINE64 and order it, but the shipment is estimated to start at end of August 2020.

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