HomesecuritySouth Korea: Fine on TikTok for child data mismanagement

South Korea: Fine on TikTok for child data mismanagement

TikTok Fine

The popular sharing platform video TikTok received fine by South Korean regulator for bad management data children.

The Korean Communications Commission (KCC) said it had fined company, height 186 million yuan, which correspond to about $ 155.000. The fine was imposed because users' data was not adequately protected.

The fine corresponds to 3% of its annual sales ByteDance (company behind TikTok) in South Korea, amount set for such violations, in accordance with local privacy law. The KCC said the investigation began last October.

The regulator said TikTok gathered data children under the age of 14, without the consent of their legal guardians.

From May 2017 to December 2019, at least 6.007 were collected archives data belonging to children.

The KCC added that TikTok had not informed them users for the transfer of personal data.

child data management

According to research, TikTok uses four in cloud Companies to store his data (Alibaba Cloud, Fastly, Edgecast and Firebase).

South Korean user data is stored on servers managed by Alibaba Cloud and are located in the US and Singapore, the KCC said.

In a statement to the regulator, TikTok stated that outsource data storage to third parties only when necessary, but regrets not informing them properly users for this. The company added that it will improve the way users' data is managed.

The fine from South Korea is the latest blow to the Chinese company, which has been charged several times for collection data users without their consent.

In January, the US military reportedly banned the use of TikTok due to "security concerns".

In June, India banned 59 Chinese applications, including TikTok, citing national concerns safety.

Finally, a few days ago, the company announced that it was leaving its market Hong Kong following the enactment of China's new security laws.

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