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Home security Trump: Hospitals will send COVID-19 patient data to a database

Trump: Hospitals will send COVID-19 patient data to a database

A report by The New York Times published on Tuesday states that government Trump ordered his hospitals USA send COVID-19 patient data to a database in Washington, D.C., as part of a new initiative that can bypass the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading national institute of public health in the United States. Specifically, according to a document published in website of the Ministry of Health and Human Services (HHS), the country's hospitals were instructed to send data on COVID-19 patients directly to the government. This initiative of the Trump administration will come into force tomorrow, while it has already provoked a wave of reactions, with the CDC also expressing its concerns.

The database that will collect and store COVID-19 patient information is referred to in the document as HHS Protect. It was created in part by the mining company data and forecast analytical data "Palantir". The Silicon Valley company is best known for its controversial employment contracts with the US military and other secret government agencies. services, as well as co-founded and funded initially by Trump's ally, Peter Till.

A unique link will be sent to the hospital contact points and direct the care point to a secure hospital form that can then be used to enter the necessary information. The instructions HHS reports to hospitals that after completing the fields, they click on submit and confirm that the form has been successfully obtained. Then one will be sent to them e-mail HHS Protect System. This method replaces Mission individual spreadsheets via email requested so far.

While the White House points out that this plan aims to make data collection on the spread of COVID-19 more organized and effective, current and former public health officials are concerned that bypassing the CDC could be a an attempt to politicize the findings, which may even be modified in favor of the government, but also to "cut" the experts.

Four former CDC executives wrote an opinion published in the Washington Post, arguing that no president has ever politicized science as Trump now does, adding that the White House is undermining public health in its handling of pandemic.


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