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Apple: Shows what work from home really means

With a very realistic and humorous advertisement of its products, Apple has decided to show how difficult it is to work from home.


In recent months, the living conditions of most people have changed dramatically due to the pandemic COVID-19. In the meantime, we are trying to get back to normal, even though many things are different now.

Many company employees still communicate through Zoom and other video conferencing tools and work from it home their. We try to say that we are in control of the situation, which is not the case as long as the virus is between us.

Some Companies they want to make us believe that the working future will be this. Work from home and video conferencing solutions. With these working conditions they can make a lot more money. They will not have so many employees in the office, which means less expenses.

Apple, however, decided to show what is it really like to work from home. A new ad has been released that reveals the chaos which prevails when one tries to work from one's bedroom, living room or kitchen, trying to combine work with his daily routine.

This ad does not show smiling employees meeting through it Microsoft Teams. Instead, a team is presented that tries to work in extremely difficult conditions at home. Employees have to work together to create a new package trying to please their boss.

The story presented in these 7 minutes, reveals the trials that an employee goes through when he works from home and has to take care of children, to communicate with his mother and find a quiet place inside a small house.

Of course, the purpose of the ad is to show Apple products (iPad, MacBook, iPhone) that help in this difficult situation although certainly most viewers focus on the heroes and most likely identify.

Many, perhaps, recall the moments when they were in a meeting room in their company and discussing with their colleagues about various projects.

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Seeing kids begging Siri to tell them a story because Dad slept on the floor is really painful, but once again the Apple product can save the day.

This advertising shows clearly how new working conditions affect and interfere with employees' personal and family lives and what is presented is certainly very close to what millions are experiencing Employees the last months.

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