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Spotify: Finally reshaping its podcast charts

The Spotify reshapes them podcast charts to help listeners find new shows and watch them new of their area.

spotify podcast charts
Spotify: Finally reshaping its podcast charts

Here comes a very popular, and controversial feature from the podcasting industry on Spotify. Now, the favorite application multi-user music, will be equivalent to its famous competitors such as Apple Podcasts.

The two original podcast charts will be called "Trending" and "Top». Trending, based in part on speed increase the number of listeners, will include 50 up-and-coming shows, while in the Top will be the 200 most popular shows and will be located by region.

Top, already exists in a much smaller form, and in some areas can also be divided into categories, such as business, comedy and technology. Spotify charts will be updated daily and will be available in 26 countries, including USAOf MexicoOf United KingdomOf Brazil and Germany.

Podcast charts can be controversial, especially since the ranking algorithms are often "blurred". Many try to reproduce them, and make people in the podcasting industry question their legitimacy. A spokesman for the music service said it had "overlapping systemsWhich will monitor the illegal activity and remove the bad agents from the service, according to the The Verge.

Spotify has in the past faced robot listeners trying to increase the inflation of music works and royalties. In these cases, the incentive to defraud the system is higher because such scammers are paid per hearing. Podcasters are not paid per listener, and that is one reason why the app wanted to focus on this industry.

Spotify: Finally reshaping its podcast charts

However, people have tried to figure out how to play podcast charts on other platforms. Charts could make shows more popular by simply exposing listeners to unheard podcasts.

In 2018, the podcaster John Perotti paid $ 5 to someone on the internet who managed to raise his tiny show to number 55 on Apple's top podcast chart. The same could happen on Spotify as podcasters seek more attention and listeners.


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