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53% of businesses spend more than $ 20 million a year on AI technology

Fifty-three percent of companies that adopt artificial intelligence (AI) have spent more than $ 53 million in the past year, according to a Deloitte survey.

The state of artificial intelligence in business research, based on 2.737 business executives, highlights the way artificial intelligence implementations are moving to production at a rapid pace. The Deloitte respondent base included 26% "experienced adopters", 47% "skilled adopters" and 27% "new adopters". Respondents were classified based on AI adoption and systems started in production.


Among experienced adopters, 68% have spent more than $ 20 million in the past year on AI, according to Deloitte. In addition, 81% of those experienced have reported repayment of investments in less than two years.

As for the AI ​​technology portfolio, 67% of respondents use machine learning today, 97% plan, 54% use deep learning and 58% use natural language processing, Deloitte said.

These adopters of artificial intelligence see as more effective processes with the main justification for growth by improving reception decisions and a key goal. Artificial intelligence adopters also generally buy more technology since its inception, but only 47% of respondents said they have skills option suppliers, Deloitte said.

Other key findings are:

  • 45% said they have a high level of proficiency in integrating AI technology into their existing IT environment.
  • 93% use cloud-based AI and 78% use open source AI.
  • 61% said they believed AI would significantly transform them industries their.
  • Sixty-two percent said they had high and extreme concerns about cyber-vulnerabilities with artificial intelligence, followed by failures affecting business and the use of personal data without consent. Liability and changing regulations were also top concerns.
  • 95% of respondents were concerned about the ethical risks of developing AI.


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