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Google Meet: New security settings for training meetings

New possibilities are coming security in the Google Meet video chat application, for teleconferences education subscribers.

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Google Meet: New security settings for training meetings

As the company announced, the changes are going to come within the next 15 days, and will exclude them anonymous users, ie users who have not subscribed to anyone account of Google.

More specifically, unauthorized users will not have access in Google Meet meetings organized by its subscribers G Suite for Education or the G Suite Enterprise for Education.

The new ones functions appear to have been designed to prevent "zoombombing»And protect users from unwanted visitors. During zoombombing Unauthorized users log on to meetings and interrupt them, transmitting shocking video or launching insults.

In accordance with ZDNet, as well as school supplies lessons transferred to the internet because of pandemic, several students shared their Google Meet links in class with friends, asking them to drop out, hoping they would be allowed to leave earlier.

However, it is not the only company that has encountered this problem. It Zoom, from which the phrase "zoombombingHas introduced a series of new security and privacy upgrades to try to increase user protection filters and put an end to this trend.

For example, with its recent update, it allows users to quickly lock meetings, remove participants, and restrict notifications. It has also enabled the use of passwords by default, so that participants can control who can access their video conferencing.

Google Meet: New security settings for training meetings

In its announcement, Google states that the new Meet security settings will be enabled by default for training subscribers and that the only way to disable them is to contact G Suite support directly.

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