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Technology companies against the deportation of foreign students from the USA!

Technology giants like GoogleThe Microsoft products and Facebook, as well as many other technology companies, joined the US Chamber of Commerce to express their support for a lawsuit filed against the government Tramp. This reaction comes as a result of the statement of the American president that he will force the foreign students who attend exclusively online courses courses due to its pandemic COVID-19, to leave the country.

Trump Vs students

Many US universities have changed their methods due to the new conditions, going only to online courses. Nevertheless, his last decision ICE states that the only way for international students to stay in the US is to attend classes in person and not exclusively online. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of their student cards visa.

The lawsuit that arose as a result of the decision on this policy was filed for the first time last week by the universities Harvard and MIT, against the US Department of Homeland Security. In addition, Harvard has stated that it will only offer online courses for next year. At the same time, MIT will use a hybrid operating model, in which most of its courses will be conducted online.

US students

However, in addition to Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other technology companies that have backed the lawsuit against the Trump administration, attorneys general from 17 states and the District of Columbia have filed their own lawsuit to block this regulation.

Both technology companies and US universities are heavily dependent on "foreigners". Universities often rely on the tuition of foreign students, while technology companies often try to enhance their skills with human resources coming from all over the world. Therefore, students from non-US countries make a significant contribution to the country's economy when they live in it.

US students

Among the technology companies that oppose the application of this regulation to US international students are: Twitter, Linkedin, Spotify, Github, Salesforce, Adobe, dropbox and Paypal.


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