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Linux 5.8-rc5: Will be released with terminology changes

Linux 5.8-rc5: Will be released with terminology changes

On July 4, Dan Williams proposed changing the Linux special terms to new names that are less commonly used. Because Linux has a distinct coding style, Williams says the change will make the system stand out even more. In addition, he noted that the change of terms Blacklist and Whitelist is necessary because of "Black Lives Matter»Movement.

After much discussion, the Linus Torvalds accepted the change of special terms in the Linux source tree. For the same reason, with the release of Linux 5.8-rc5, Torvalds advises developers to avoid using the terms master / slave and blacklist /whitelist, in the kernel code, as well as in the documentation of the operating systems.

New Linux terms:

Although he recommended to developers to avoid using the old terms, the Linux development team has not announced the official alternative phrases. However, the users can select and use phrases from the following list:

Banned TermsRecommended Replacements
masterprimary, main, initiator, requester, controller, host, leader, director
slavesecondary, replica, subordinate, target, responder, device, worker, proxy, follower, performer
blacklistdenylist, blocklist
whitelistallowlist, passlist

It is important to know that the use of the terms master, slave, blacklist and whitelist, is only allowed in cases where the specific terms are necessary. Examples of such cases are the management of userspace ABI /API, as well as updating various Linux protocols.

However, many users refuse to use the new terminology. According to the Linux audience, in digital users are the same, and the terms whitelist and blacklist do not lead to racism. With the Black Lives Matter movement, however, many companies advise employees not to use similar terms.

The Linux development team Kernel states that the changes are intended to change the terms so that they are not related to either the color or any other characteristic of each user.



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