HomesecurityHealthcare organizations: Focus on data protection

Healthcare organizations: Focus on data protection

Health care organizations

Cybercriminals continue to try to gain access to sensitive information about health. This means that healthcare providers must have one strong strategy for protection data.

One of their favorite techniques hackers is the use of ransomware. Recent research shows a worrying increase in ransomware attacks in the last month.

The hackers exploit the current public health crisis and target healthcare organizations.

At the end of June, the University of California School of Medicine has revealed that he fell victim ransomware attack which led to the payment of $ 1,14 million for the acquisition of an encryption tool. On the other hand, the healthcare organization Care New England (CNE) had to work with a company security to recover from a cyber attack, which hit them servers and shut down its systems.

"Malicious people want to do their job in the most difficult times, when people's focus is elsewhere," said Posh Storage executive Josh Gluck.

The increasing use of technologies by healthcare organizations has created a perfect environment for attacks by hackers.

To protect critical systems and sensitive data, healthcare organizations need to think very carefully about their current data protection strategy.

data protection

According to Gluck, many organizations take the necessary steps to create copies security of their digital environment. However, they find that recovery takes time and work. Many of these delays are due to platforms used by security programs data. But switching to a modern data platform can significantly reduce this time.

"Data protection plays an important role," says Gluck.

Healthcare organizations need to integrate three data for the protection of systems and their data:

Identity management

"It's very complicated to implement one identity management program"But it's very useful, especially in times like this," Gluck advises. It is very important for an organization to know who the people who work are, what their roles are and in what data they should have access to perform their duties.

Multi-factor authentication

This is a simple, but extremely useful, method of protection. However, there may be difficulties because many healthcare organizations use old systems which may not support multi-factor authentication. In this case, too, a way can be found to apply the control.

Proper data management

When the data is in a specific place and we know exactly where everything is, we can realize in time their possible suspicious movement from one system.

As the healthcare industry moves rapidly to adapt to changing circumstances, organizations must remain vigilant regarding health data security and confidentiality.

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