HomesecurityOffice 365 will add support for temporary disposable email

Office 365 will add support for temporary disposable email

Microsoft will provide Office 365 customers with one-time use of email to make it easier to manage their inbox and track email campaigns.

The new feature is known as plus addressing (secondary address or detailed address) and works by allowing users Office 365 to create an unlimited number of custom email addresses by adding text strings to their standard address using a '+' delimiter.

"Additionally, support for Office 365 is a great way to easily manage your inbox "and even track messages like marketing and sales campaigns," says Microsoft.

Office 365

If the plus address is known, Gmail has been providing it for some time subaddressing, with Google explaining in 2008 how it can give users better control over their inbox.

These new, one-time addresses will redirect to users' standard addresses, allowing easy email filtering when subscribing to newsletters, quickly finding out where the spam campaign found your email and automatically organizing emails based on their sender.

"For example, a plus address for could be something like that a user could use to subscribe to the newsletter on the Northwind site," she explains. Microsoft products in the listing explaining this new feature.

"Then when Northwind sends a newsletter to it will go straight to It could also create an Inbox rule that then moves messages sent to this + address to the "Northwind" folder. "

Plus Addressing is in progress and Microsoft plans to make it widely available in the third quarter of 2020, in all environments for all Exchange Online users.


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