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Free services to check the validity of your passwords

Two-factor authentication, one-on-one login and other tools have made it easier than ever to improve your internet security, but strong passwords still play a key role in keeping your information secure. Password hacks are a bigger threat than many assume, and commonly used passwords are much more likely to be compromised.

In this article, we will look at the most effective free tools for checking password validity and verifying the security of your accounts. While improving your passwords may not completely eliminate the threat of security breaches, it will certainly help a lot.


North pass

Nordpass offers a free online password validation tester from the team responsible for NordVPN

Along with the ability to control the validity of an existing password, Nordpass also provides the option to develop new passwords. In addition, users can enter old passwords and securely share credentials with friends, family, and associates. While other features are only accessible through the app, password validation is available on the Nordpass website.

Nordpass evaluates each password by checking a few key elements: length (at least 12 characters), lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers. It also calculates how long it will take to "crack" the password and determines if it has been breached in previous data breaches.

You can check the validity of your password without downloading an application or even creating an account, which makes Nordpass extremely convenient. It also provides all the information you need to determine if a password is sufficiently secure.

The University of Illinois at Chicago Password Strength Test

The UIC Academic Computing and Communications Center offers a powerful password control tool that also provides various best practices for strong passwords. Although the analysis is more complicated, it also gives you a deeper idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of a given password.

Like Nordpass, the UIC does not require users to register. Password authentication runs on your computer, so your information is never sent over the Internet.

One of the advantages of the service is that it shows the exact result of every aspect of your password. It also points out factors such as recurring characters that other password strength controllers may not take into account. On the other hand, the UIC does not show an estimated "time to break", as it considers these calculations unreliable.


Kaspersky is a cyber security company with VPNs, antivirus software and other products. Password Manager is also a great way to track passwords. Kaspersky Password Power Tool is available on its website and you do not need to register or download anything to check a password.

Unlike the UIC tool, Kaspersky uses a simple interface and provides only basic information about password strength. A test password was marked as "common or word", while the simple addition of an exclamation mark made it "hack resistant" with no add-ons. information in addition to the estimated time to break. However, Kaspersky searches for your password in previous data breaches to confirm that it has not already been breached.

Along with the password creation tool, the Kaspersky website has basic questions about creating and controlling passwords. Internet. It also provides online tips safety, such as two-factor authentication and connection history tracking.


Like Kaspersky, Comparitech focuses on security services, providing VPNs, antivirus software, backups in cloud and other. The password validation test, along with a password generator, is available to all visitors to the Comparitech website.

Like the UIC, Comparitech clarifies that the passwords entered are only processed locally. In other words, anything you type in the password field will never be sent online. Interestingly, there is another disclaimer that states that password power tools are inherently limited and can never fully analyze the security of a password.

In addition to the estimated time to "break", Comparitech also provides basic information about the validity of your password. For example, point out that the test password contained one word, was not very long, and did not contain characters other than numbers and letters.

Although Comparitech does not provide detailed information such as the UIC about your password, it will continue to detect any obvious vulnerabilities. You can also use the password generator or the tips below the tool if you want to develop better passwords.


LastPass is one of the most popular password managers, with applications available for devices as well. Android and iOS. The password generator is available for free on its website and does not store or transmit any of your data.

Once you enter a password, LastPass will provide an overall rating, along with specific tips to help you further optimize. Specifies whether the password was too short, contains a word from a dictionary or known password, and has no symbols.

Unfortunately, LastPass does not check if the password has been released in previous breaches, so there is no immediate way to determine if it has already been detected. This is a crucial step in the password validation process, so be sure to verify this information before finalizing any new passwords.


We all know the general best practices for passwords but it can be difficult to identify all the possible flaws in our passwords. These sites will help you avoid the use of vulnerable passwords and keep your information safe from hackers and other malicious agents.


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