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MIT: They make a robot handle that will be able to distinguish cables!

Researchers WITH, developed a handle robot with the ability to handle very thin objects such as ropes and cables, according to an announcement.

mit robot
MIT: They make a robot handle that will be able to distinguish cables!

Specifically, the new type of robotics is being developed in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of the University of Massachusetts, and as announced by MIT, will be able to distinguish the wires that are tangled.

For many people, it can be difficult to manage subtle flexibility objects and something similar can be "almost unlikely"For robots," she said Rachel Gordon, a representative of MIT, in a e-mail.

The basic approach to this technology, were the robots to use a "series of slow and gradual movements», In combination with mechanical components, to handle small objects.

The researchers of course, they preferred to approach it problem from a different angle. So they decided to make a handle with two fingers, so that it looks more like a human hand. These fingers are equipped with sensors high-resolution touch sensors, also known as sensors "GelSight», Made of rubber, with built-in cameras, and are mounted on the moving arms of the robots. The system has two controls: one adjusts the grip strength, and the other adjusts its position to hold the cable.

According to the MIT spokesperson, it is difficult for robots to handle cables because this task requires gentle movements and sliding, while at the same time the cable should not fall from both fingers. In the tests, the handle could do some things, such as find the end of the headphone cord and connect them.

MIT: They make a robot handle that will be able to distinguish cables!

Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done so that the robot is ready to handle all the cables. USB, while it was difficult to pull a cable back when it reached the end of a finger, which is attributed to the outer curved surface of GelSight. MIT researchers are now working to adjust the shape of the finger sensor and improve the robot's performance.

One day this technology could be used by robots to perform household chores such as laying clothes, or for more technical purposes such as laying cables.


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