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Fedora 33: Will contain Nano as the default text editor

Have you ever wondered who your favorite text editor is when it comes to operating systems based on Linux; Even if it is not in the first place, your answer is definitely on the list of the most common options. It is no coincidence that this list only includes the names of the default editors, such as Vim and Nano.

Today, the Operating Systems They support many different applications, which allow us to easily manage our text files. However, many users prefer to use the default tools of the operating system.

An example of this is the Vi application, which is the default editing method in Fedora Linux. While this application allows git commit and command-line text editing, users have the option to install Nano by typing the command dnf install nano. However, in the upcoming Fedora 33, users will be able to use the Nano without having to installation.

Fedora 33: Will contain Nano as the default text editor

This is because the operating system development team decided to define it GNU Nano as the default text editor in the new version of Fedora. Like many other changes to the new operating system, the change of the default editor has also been requested by them users. According to them, the Nano text editor is simpler and its management does not require much knowledge.

So, keeping in mind the demands of the public, the development team approved the change Text editor at the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) event.

According to the team, the Vi application requires users to learn how to manage the application, even when performing simple actions. For the same reason, non-verbal users find it difficult to use tool efficiently. On the other hand, Nano does not require even basic knowledge and at the same time offers users an even more user-friendly environment.

The development team added, the change will take place in all distributions of the operating system. However, Vi will continue to exist in the system, for avid users who prefer it.


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