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United Kingdom: Is Huawei's immediate foreclosure "dangerous"?

Philip Jansen, CEO of the British telecommunications company BT, said that any government move demanding the immediate exclusion of the Huawei kit from existing communications structures could cause network outages in mobile users. Therefore, the exclusion of Huawei carries many risks security both for the United Kingdom and for its citizens.

Philip Jansen for blocking Huawei

Huawei has caused concern in the West governments, including the USA, due to its great role in providing international networks and 5G, but also because of its close relations with the Chinese government. Thus, fears and concerns were raised about its equipment, which is estimated to be able to threaten the cyber security of countries, as well as weaken their national security. In particular, the UK government is expected to announce a policy change tomorrow, as it has stated that it plans to pursue a different approach to so-called "high-risk" suppliers and will phase out the use of such 5G kits. networks to 2023.

Jansen said in an interview that he did not know the details of any new government policy, but warned that the rapid shutdown of Huawei equipment posed risks. Indicatively, he mentioned the fact that the foreclosure means that someone will not be able to buy or trade with Huawei, so they will not be able to receive either upgrades software. He added that within the next five years, under normal conditions, 15-20 major software upgrades were expected. Without these upgrades, there will be critical gaps software, which could have very serious consequences for safety. Moreover, in such quick decisions, the possible service for mobile customers is questioned, as it is very likely that they will face severe interruptions.

Huawei foreclosure

In January, the UK government issued a policy statement on so-called "high-risk" 5G suppliers, detailing a package of restrictions it said was intended to mitigate any risk, including reducing their stake to 35%. access network. Such suppliers would completely ban them from the sensitive "core" of 5G networks. However, the United Kingdom has faced continuing international and domestic opposition to compromise policy.

Regarding the exclusion of all Huawei kits from BT, and not only the equipment used for 5G, Jansen pointed out that the company will need at least a decade to do so. In other words, he estimates that it will take at least ten years for Huawei to be completely excluded from the telecommunications infrastructure throughout the United Kingdom. If government policy is limited to blocking this kit from 5G networks, Jansen said that "ideally" BT would like to carry out this project for seven years.

Huawei-5G-United Kingdom

Jansen also warned the government Johnson, which wants to accelerate growth fiber wired broadband  across the country as part of the UK's commitment to "upgrade" that with the rapid and severe closure of the Huawei Kit, this future venture is at stake. Thus, he suggested that "common sense" should prevail. In particular, he stressed that the development of fiber wired broadband and 5G is a huge opportunity for the economy, the country and all the citizens of the United Kingdom, so the government must strike the right balance to manage this complex issue.

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