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Data from 45 million travelers are on the dark web

Dark web

Security researchers from Cyble discovered in Dark web archives 45 million travelers from various countries with destination Thailand and Malaysia.

The huge collection data was discovered by researchers during routine monitoring on the dark web. The experts found a post published by an acquaintance hacker. The scammer claimed to have owned one database containing traveler details.


Leaked traveler records include passenger ID, full name, mobile phone number, passport details, address, gender and flight details.

The researchers obtained the travelers' data and analyzed it. Then they put the information in data breach monitoring and reporting platform, People who are concerned about the exposure of their information can register on the platform to check if their data has been exposed on the dark web.

Experts are still investigating the case. They currently provide the following tips:

  • Never do not share in person data, including financial information, by telephone, e-mail or SMS
  • Use strong passwords and apply multi-factor authentication, where possible
  • Monitor your financial transactions regularly and contact her immediately bank you, if you notice a suspicious transaction
  • Enable automatic software update on your computer, mobile phone and other connected Appliances
  • Use one reliable antivirus program on your connected devices, including PC, Laptop, Mobile etc.

As mentioned above, people traveling to Thailand and Malaysia can check out the platform to see data have been exposed to them on the dark web.


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