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Twitter: Users promote fake death news for celebrities!

Twitter users have used platform popular social media to spread and promote false death news for a number of celebrities, including Ellen Degeneres, Queen Elizabeth and Jeff Bezos. Twitter users have probably seen a message in recent days #RIPJeffBezos to appear on trends. This new trend aims to monitor which topics are of interest to a larger number users.

Twitter users

Once published, these issues quickly rise to the top website. For example, at the time of its publication, one of Jeff Bezos' fake death news was at the top of Twitter's list of most popular topics. The rising issue is likely to deceive anyone who sees the message, convincing them that someone is dead, as such messages are published regularly and for real news. But anyone who clicks on the news will find that the popular topic is just a hoax, aimed at misleading and deceiving the person they are focusing on.

false death news-Degeneres

This new trend seems to have started with Ellen Degeneres, who in recent months has been accused of bad behavior towards people who worked with her. The famous presenter and actress was in the crosshairs of this trend, which is trying to convey to the public the message that Degeneres should no longer appear on television. As this topic became popular, Twitter users started posting a series of increasingly surreal photos about that. These include a number of people who are supposed to look like Degeneres, as well as strange, sarcastic messages about her alleged death.

Users continued this trend with other people, such as Queen Elizabeth and Jeff Bezos. The list of popular topics - trends of Twitter is created algorithmically, scanning the site for specific words and phrases, whose popularity is growing rapidly. This means that it can be "misled" relatively easily, whether intentionally or not, by repeatedly posting a message.

False news of death-Bezos

This has allowed new and important topics that have not been widely discussed to reach the top of the site's popular line in the past. However, it has also led to strange and "painful" posts, as one hashtag can appear on the bar without being checked by Twitter. "Death pranks" are a very attractive topic for those who want to gain attention in Internet providing the "shocking" nature of the news they want to share.


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