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Apple: The reason for the warning about the camera cover on MacBooks

In the previous days the Apple said that it is not safe to close your MacBook screen, when you have placed a cover on the camera. This statement provoked a wave of reactions and criticism, while there were doubts about the expediency of the statement.

apple macbook
Apple: The reason for the warning about the camera cover on MacBooks

To put things in perspective, let's just say Apple never said, "do not use the camera cover. » As we have reported the previous days, he said "Do not close the screen of your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro with the camera cover. "

Following the unrest and suspicion surrounding the warning, the company said:

«If you close it Poppy Your notebook with the camera cover mounted can damage it screen your, because the distance between the keyboard and the screen is designed for very narrow tolerances. Covering the built-in camera can also affect him sensor ambient lighting and to block the Auto Brightness and True Tone functions.»

An Apple technician told ZDNet"What they told us is that since people started working and reading more than that home their use of camera covers has increased dramatically. It makes sense, people are using video calling more and more often, and it can be annoying many times over. So being able to open it and close it with one move is quite convenient. "

«As a result, however, the number of screen crashes increased. The breakage caused by the screen cover is very typical, while it creates a bright white line in the center of the screen. That's why we can know exactly what happened and warn users,Said the Apple technician.

He even mentioned that the 16-inch MacBook Pro has the thinnest bezel he has seen and said that anything that gets between the screen and the keyboard can break it in seconds.

«I recently saw a screen that was broken because someone locked in a coin. He even left a nice coin mark on the screen.»

So understand that it is not just the screen cover that is causing the damage laptop of Apple, but anything that is in these places and has a thickness greater than 0,1 mm.

«We see MacBooks with all kinds of garbage stuck on the camera. In the very first days of the pandemic, a guy came with a MacBook, who had stuck a piece of plastic on the camera, but now he wanted to take it out because his boss would use the Zoom. Of course there was no way out, it was cheaper to just buy one webcam. "

According to the Apple Support Guide, the covers should also leave no adhesive marks, and those that exceed the recommended thickness should be removed before the screen closes.

apple macbook
Apple: The reason for the warning about the camera cover on MacBooks

«Another time someone put a patch on the camera, and it looked used.»

Apple, of course, claims that MacBook cameras are designed to do not activate without notifying o user.


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