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Home security Security experts in Australia: Rely on local technologies

Security experts in Australia: Rely on local technologies

Cyber ​​experts have urged Australia to become less dependent on foreign companies, technologies and know-how to defend itself against hackers as it puts the finishing touches on the nation's new cyber security strategy.

Overseas providers are responsible for most cyber security products and services in Australia, with local companies not being among the top 15 software providers in the local market.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have revealed that the government industry expert committee will deliver advice this week urging the country to invest in local industry to strengthen defense of the nation.

Australia local technologies

The government is awaiting the report of the Industry Advisory Committee, chaired by Telstra CEO Andrew Penn, before completing its new four-year security strategy. cyberspace. The report of the industrial committee, which is expected to urge the government to invest in more training, will be released in the coming weeks, according to senior government sources.

The advice comes after many cyberattacks against all levels of government, industry and political organizations faced by Australia, behind which they believe the China.

Fergus Hanson, director of the International Cyber ​​Policy Center at the Australian Institute for Policy Strategy, said Australia must increase its investment in human resources as a first step, while public procurement guidelines setting a minimum level of local content may also be required.

Mr Hanson said the government should also clearly define which cybersecurity sectors it wants to have a dominant capacity for the business community to invest in.

The Morrison government already has highlights the development of a "dominant cloud" to keep Australian data for personal protection information by governments and Companies abroad.

The government announced last month that the country's leading cyber defense service, the Australian Signals Directorate, would also hire 500 staff and take advantage of capabilities receiving $ 1,3 billion in aid.

Mr Hanson said management had difficulty finding the people with the skills needed to fill the 500 posts.

Alex Scandurra, emerging technology expert and CEO of the nonprofit innovation hub Stone & Chalk, said having a strong cybersecurity capability would be beneficial to the national safety Australia and its economy.

Mr Scandurra said public policy contracts should be used to promote investment in the local security industry in cyberspace.

"A dominant industrial competence is not only the ability to meet the skills requirements of Australian nationals - but also the ability to work with suppliers based in Australia and subject to laws and our supervision, "he said.

"At the moment, we are heavily dependent on outside suppliers for cyber security tools and products, which is not ideal.

"We do not always know who else is a customer of these suppliers, we are not entirely sure what is happening in data collected from interactions with us and are based in other countries. ”

"Even if these countries are allies, it would be much better to procure cyber security tools from companies based in Australia and subject to Australian laws and regulations."

Mr Scandurra said Australia already had a significant lack of cyber security skills and that this was likely to continue for some time. space, especially if companies continue to search abroad to find them co-workers their.

An AustCyber ​​report last year found that Australia may need around 17.000 additional cybersecurity staff by 2026 for the sector to reach its full growth potential.

Sarah Sloan, of the global cyber security company Palo Alto Networks, based in United States, said it was important to promote Australian cyber innovation, but that government should not rely solely on local technologies.


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