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Google Chrome: Increases battery life on laptops and smartphones

While the browser Google Chrome, had a difficult time, his competitors took the opportunity. In response, the company gave users a very good reason to continue using it browser of.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome: Increases battery life on laptops and smartphones

The TheWindowsClub, revealed that Chrome is going to become incredibly more efficient, based on information retrieved from internal company sources. New mode Google Chrome seems to have the effect of increasing its lifespan battery into a laptop and smartphone.

In accordance with TheWindowsClub, this can be achieved by limiting the use of unnecessary work javascript on the tabs running in the background. These actions involve functions such as file recordings, interactions with advertisements, monitoring the mouse position, and various others. So Google discovered that they were consuming a significant portion of the battery's energy, and decided to take advantage of it.

In essay conducted by TheWindowsClub, Google limited Javascript checks to once per minute and opened 36 Chrome tabs in the background. This action increased the battery life by 28%, which is about 2 hours longer.

In a second test, the company also found that even when the browser performs intense processes on a tab that is in the foreground, as in this case its videos YouTube, the reduction in Javascript controls continued to have an effect, with an increase of 13%.

Google Chrome: Increases battery life on laptops and smartphones

Note for the impatient that this function is available for testing, thanks to a hidden setting Chrome Canary, as found by TheWindowsClub. You can activate it in four simple steps:

  1. Type "chrome :/ / flags»In the search field
  2. Search: «Throttle Javascript timers in the background»
  3. Select «Enable immediately when a tab is hidden»
  4. Make it restart of Chrome

Browser-based browsers may receive the same function Chromium, but the key for Google is to keep Chrome as long as possible "light»Is done, given the evolution of travelers such as Brave and Vivaldi, who have focused more on privacy and hostile advertising.

Recently and h Microsoft helped Google's browser by optimizing memory via "Segment Heap", Which we saw in the update Windows 10 May 2020. The first tests show that it could reduce Chrome memory usage by a third.



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