HomesecurityUSA: New team investigates financial crimes in cyberspace!

USA: New team investigates financial crimes in cyberspace!

The US Secret Service joins the forces of cyber and cybercrime services in a team that will investigate cybercrime, such as BEC scams, as well as ransomware attacks. The team that will consist of these services, will combine agents and resources from existing special teams for cybercrime and special financial crime groups.

Michael D'Ambrosio, assistant director of the Secret Service, said that since the pandemic broke out in March COVID-19:, the US has seen a significant increase in cybercrime-related crimes and scams. THE "Secret Service Cyber ​​Fraud" is a way of tackling these malicious activities as well as the growing threat posed by cybercrime.

US Cybercrime Team

D'Ambrosio pointed out that the members of this team are agents and analysts, who are fully trained in the latest analytical techniques, while at the same time being equipped with the latest technologies. He added that as the United States continues to face increasing cybercrime related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group's goal is to hold those trying to exploit this critical period for their own illicit gain. The creation of this group, which will investigate and try to eliminate cyber fraud, comes at a time when some lawmakers in Washington are backing legislation that will move the Secret Service from the Department of Homeland Security to its original position, the Treasury Department. to assist in better investigation related to cybercrime.

Tom Kellermann, VMware's cybersecurity strategist who also served as a cybersecurity adviser to former US President Barack Obama, supports the idea of ​​secret service involvement in investigating cybercrime as well as financial motives. the return of the service to the Ministry of Finance. He supported this view, emphasizing that within the Ministry of Finance, the Secret Service will have the advantage and the power it needs for protection of the financial sector from such cybercrime.


In June, Kellermann and other cybersecurity experts testified before a House of Representatives committee about the growing threat posed to US financial institutions by a new series of cyberattacks. hackers exploiting COVID-19. Threats do not only include ransomware attacks and BEC scams, but also the encryption as well as the theft of intellectual property.

Since May, the U.S. Secret Service has been investigating a large-scale fraud involving the theft of millions of dollars in federal unemployment funds for U.S. citizens who lost their jobs during the health crisis. In this case, the fraudsters used social security numbers that were stolen during various breaches data, aiming to steal the identities of the victims.


Tim Wade, technical director of the CTO team at the company security "Vectra" said that the increase in cybercrime-related financial crimes shows that the physical and digital worlds have merged and that services, such as the Secret Service, must respond to existing and emerging threats with new ideas.

According to the new structure, the Secret Service now has 42 Cyber ​​Fraud Task Force locations in the US, as well as two international locations in London and Rome. In the coming years, it plans to further expand the task force to include 160 offices both domestically and abroad.

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