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Apple: do not cover the camera on MacBook devices

Many users today they have the habit of covering their laptop camera in order to protect themselves from any surveillance through it. However as he said now the Apple users of its products should avoid this practice.


If you still insist on covering your computer camera, Apple advises owners MacBook not to download it screen while still having the cover. According to the company on its support page, this could damage the laptop computer and result in the screen breaking, because "the distance between the screen and the keyboard is designed to be very narrow."

It seems that the company considered that many of its users devices They do not understand this detail, so she proceeded to announce this advice.

The installation of small sliding plastic camera covers is quite common today. But they could ruin your laptop screen if the cover is still open in the case of products Apple, we know that repair is quite expensive.

Η company states that it is not necessary to use a cover on its laptops and says that users should trust the light next to the camera which shows when it is turned on. Apple says that "the camera is designed so that it can not be activated without turning on the camera indicator light."


The company of course recognizes that some users have no choice, as these are employees whose companies require their cameras to be covered. In such cases, Apple says they should always remove the cover before shutting down the laptop.

A good and relatively safe solution of course is to use a little tape. Note, however, that Apple warns you not to use anything that is "thicker than average printer paper (0,1 mm)" and also prohibits the use of camera covers that leave residue behind that could damage the camera.

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