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COVID-19-workplace: What can you do to avoid becoming a source of infection?


The number of his cases COVID-19, globally, it seems to be growing. However, most countries have begun to relax lockdown measures in an effort to reopen the economy. As a result, many employers welcomed them employees back, in the natural workplace. Unfortunately, the workplace can be a source of new COVID-19 infections.

In Italy, for example, more than 40 employees have tested positive for COVID-19 in a courier company. THE company works with health professionals to limit the outbreak. In Germany, a meat processing plant also had patients employees. Worryingly, more than 2.000 people in the area where the plant is operating have also tested positive. This probably means that the infection was started by employees and spread to others. In addition, in early June, Beijing also saw an increase in the number of cases and decided to impose new restrictions. A wholesale market is considered a source of new infections.

Employers need to make sure the space work keep them safe and think carefully about them measures, protocols and procedures which must be implemented to create appropriate working conditions, with priority given to it health and safety. Many employers have already taken some steps to create a secure workplace by providing working contact detection solutions or undergoing a medical examination (eg thermometer) both employees and customers before entering the workplace.


However, employers must provide security to employees and during their transport to and from the workplace. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment:

Homework for employees who do not have to be at work: During the pandemic, most companies asked their employees to work from home. With the increase in COVID-19 cases, work from home should probably continue. Many employers have said they are thinking of establish remote work for 20% -50% of their staff on a permanent basis. The fewer they are employees The fewer people in the same workplace, the less likely they are to be positive about COVID-19. However, not all people can work from it home (The nature of their work does not allow them to do so). In these cases, the measures security In the workplace, employees and employers need to be even more strict.

Promote transportation alternatives and avoid public transport: The safest option is to avoid public transport. The Italian government is issuing coupons to citizens who want to buy a bicycle. However, employers must also help reduce the chances of infecting their employees when they are transferred to the workplace. Some employers offer employees cars. In the event that public transport cannot be avoided, The employees they should go to work avoiding peak hours.

Designate a “mobility manager”: In Italy, organizations with more than 100 employees have started hiring "mobility managers". This work first appeared in 1998 to help large organizations in busy cities find ways to evaluate and reduce environmental impact of their workforce when transferred to the workplace. The mobility manager was initially responsible for it creating a map with employee movements to and from work in order to suggest and encourage “greener choices”. However, can also help mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19. The expert can make a map, which will provide rich information and evaluate them risks related to the health and safety of employees moving to and from work.


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