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Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder "crash" due to ……. Facebook


Popular applications and services, As the SpotifyThe Pinterest and tinder, they have crashing into devices iOS. An early analysis shows that Facebook is responsible for operational issues.

Many references have been made to SOCIAL MEDIA talking about applications that crash into iPhone and iPad, while operating interruptions were also observed through it DownDetector.com. Applications can work when h device is Offline, which is useful in some cases (if you have saved a lot of music on Spotify, for example), but does not serve others applications which must be connected to Internet to work.

Although the exact cause of the shutdown has not yet been confirmed, the first reports indicate that the problem is due to software development kit or Facebook SDK, which many use applications to manage their connections users. IPhone and iPad users are affected even if they do not use Facebook to connect to one of the above applications. On the other hand, There are no reports that Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder have a problem with it Android.

Spotify Pinterest

Facebook informed them developers this morning about the problem caused by the software. "We are aware of and investigating the increase in bugs in the iOS SDK that is causing many applications to crash," she said. company. In a GitHub thread, many developers reported problems with their applications and also blamed Facebook.

The annoyance of developers and users is justified, since This isn't the first time Facebook's SDK has caused problems applications. A similar problem occurred on May 6 and affected dozens services.

The application developer Guilherme Rambo had said that the root of the problem is that Facebook encourages developers to integrate log-ins services in their applications.


"Facebook is pushing developers to install its SDK, probably because it is thinking about the data it can collect from users of these applications," Rambo said in May. "The SDK is offered as a convenience for both developers and marketing teams."

But that means that when there is a problem with Facebook's services, a huge number of applications are affected, as happened today. Each time a user opens an application that uses the SDK, it makes a call to them servers Facebook to prepare for link authentication. (For this reason, opening an offline application prevents the problem, although you can install a application which excludes these calls).


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