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Sony: Invest $ 250 Million in Fortnite Epic Games!

Sony has invested $ 250 million to acquire a 1,4% stake in Epic Games, its developer online video game "Fortnite" that has attracted millions of gamers around the world. This move by Sony comes just months before the much-anticipated release Playstation 5. Sony and Epic will expand their partnership, including in the portfolio of Sony technology and entertainment components and the growing platform social entertainment and Epic digital ecosystems, such as various virtual Fortnite events and digital forefront. Prior to Sony's investment, Epic had raised $ 1,58 billion in three previous rounds of funding, including investments from Chinese technology company Tencent in 2012. Sony's deal splits from Epic's plan to raise $ 750 million. by many investors.

Sony investment

Epic Games stated that video games will not only be available on Sony consoles. Instead, the studio will be able to release games on any platform it chooses. Her collaboration with Sony aims to create digital entertainment experiences, as she says, which is not surprising considering what has happened recently in the world of Fortnite (concerts, movie screenings, etc.). Epn's Fortnite is one of the most popular and beloved games for many Gamers worldwide, having approximately 78,3 million monthly active users.


In addition, the total number of hours spent by gamers playing Fortnite in April is 3,2 billion hours, according to Epic. The total number of registered gamers increased to 350 million in the same month, as most people were in lockdown because of its pandemic COVID-19.

Epic Games Fortnite

Sony's investment comes just months before the Playstation 5 is scheduled to be released alongside its competitor Xbox Series X of Microsoft. In addition to Fortnite, Epic is the developer of Unreal Engine, a set of game development tools used by many other publishers to develop their own games. The upcoming U of the company will be compatible with the forthcoming Appliances of Sony and Microsoft.


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