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Technology and Teachers: What Do Experts Appreciate?

Too many teachers around the world have struggled to adopt technological tools in the midst of a pandemic to take distance learning. Teachers say their ability to use technology effectively has improved significantly.

Whether this will lead to greater use of technology to help create more active, tailored learning experiences that engage students remains an open question.

To make this easier, technology companies with educational tools need to do a much better job of creating tools that not only enhance such experiences, but also fit into the busy lives and priorities of teachers.

Technology and Teachers

As reminded by Larry Berger, CEO of Amplify, there are at least three key elements that educational technology must offer teachers.

These are:

  1. Saving time.
  2. Understanding the lessons by the students.
  3. Do not lose communication between students and teachers, as well as between students.

This list suggests that educational technology should help teachers with something they do on a regular basis. It can't be anything extra on the already busy working day of the teacher.

When Berger talks about expanding the range of teachers, he explains that technology must expand their reach with τρόπους that make them productive.

Finally, technology must help teachers learn and get to know their students so that they can serve them more effectively.

Berger and his team did it with the first offer they made when their company was named Wireless Generation. Wireless Generation offers a portable training evaluation solution to help teachers understand skills reading of their students, something they had already done. And it allowed them to do it with more ease, to improve and simplify teachers' lives, rather than complicate it further.

Berger said there are five key things technology education can offer to improve student learning.

First of all, ask your students to give you feedback to be able to become better.

Secondly, Technology cannot help to make all the lessons that take place in a traditional environment. For example, you can't suddenly do an experiment if you're a physics teacher.

Third, technology can collect data that will help other parts of the system understanding that students are "stuck".

Fourth, when technology is used well, Berger said can increase productivity. That is, it can automate certain manual and laborious processes.

And fifth, Berger said technology can allow more personalization and self-guidance responding to what a student needs to learn next.

How teachers and schools use digital learning tools in the next school year will be interesting. They will use them to reproduce what happened in the traditional classroom or they will use them to improve lessons beyond what was traditionally happening? And the technological ones will understand Companies What will motivate teachers to really use their tools and build them accordingly?

Berger's advice is important. Teachers have benefited from using technology in recent months, but that doesn't mean "everything will change" for the better.


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